Jon Gibson

Interim Lead Pastor

Jon is a passionate follower of Christ who’s life’s passion is to learn and lead others into deeper connection with Him through art and worship! He is married to his beautiful wife Heather and they have three amazing daughters, Morgan, Marlee and Mackenzie.
Serving Jesus and learning to be more like Him through the community of Living Hope has been one of the great joys of his life in which he has discovered deep and authentic faith through REAL relationships with other followers of Christ! He believes there is nothing more powerful than living life without barriers and religious facades and that this is were true authentic relationship with God and others happens! Jon also enjoys golf, fishing, most sports, art and long walks on the beach.
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John Colegrove

Administrative Pastor

John serves as our Administration, Finance and Ministry Support Pastor, as well as being part of the team that ministers with teens.  He served as a volunteer in these roles as well as others for many years while in the business world before coming on staff full time in 2011.  He feels very fortunate he is allowed to work in his passion, as God has prepared him for this role.  He and his wife Cheryl have two boys- Max and Sam, who enjoy friends, sports and of course, video games.  They all like to do things outside, whether it’s riding ATV’s, shooting hoops, or working in the yard (not so much the boys!).  John says he sees “more and more that God is love, and my goal is to be that to my family, friends and everyone I come in contact with.”
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Laurie Grile

Volunteer Pastor of Women’s Ministry

Laurie, once an atheist who didn’t have many close relationships with women, continues to be amazed by how her life has been transformed by opening herself up to having a relationship with Christ and studying the Word of God. Not only has He changed the desires of her heart in her relationship with her husband, Eric, but God has used other women in the church to help her understand the true meaning of fellowship and deep, lasting friendships. Laurie has a passion to share her experiences with other women so they too can be set free by the grace of God!
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Holly Pressley

Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Holly is excited to work with the volunteers and staff of Living Hope to take the next step our children’s ministry.  It is her hope that as a church family, we are doing everything we possibly can to train and equip families to be the spiritual teachers and guides that God has called them to be. She asks that if you see a volunteer serving our kids, grab them and thank them. Let them know that you are praying for them. Remind them that they are loving on God’s precious little ones and there is nothing more valuable in the world than what they do. Holly is often amazed at how God has worked in her life. She has had the privilege of serving on staff in a local church for 15 years. She received a BA in Sociology in 1997, was ordained in 2003 and earned a Masters of Education in 2012. She is also an intervention specialist in a local school district.
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